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I am so excited about starting this blog. I’ve been in such a state of hyper-enthusiasm over the last week that I’ve barely been able to get a good nights’ rest. Brimming with adrenalin, too excited (and sometimes frustrated) to sleep.


Ironically, however, I haven’t shared my plans with many people. Almost as if saying it out loud too many times would make its life force disappear before it had a chance to be born. So if you’re reading this soon after posting, you’re one of the first to know! You’ve witnessed the birth ;-).


For now, this is a blog about my LOVE of SA’s natural-fibre yarns, my desire to stash all the beautiful yarns I come across (and frequently do!) and what I do with the gorgeous wooly wonderfulness in my boxes and boxes of stash – which is mainly knit, weave and, on occasion, crochet. I have some absolute favourite, drool-worthy boutique and indie-dyed yarns that I’ll share all the details about, as well as the wip’s (works in progress) and fo’s (finished objects) that they will become. And if you’re thinking of learning a yarn-craft like knitting, crocheting or weaving, I hope you find some inspiration here…


What’s available and where to go…

But that won’t be all. We have such a vast number of absolutely amazing yarnie businesses in South Africa, some not yet well-known, and my abundance mindset says they all deserve a chance at success! So, my aim is to start including info and videos on almost everything entailed in making, selling and using yarn… boutique farms; SA indie dyers and boutique yarn brands (ie: not the big commercial brands); online and retail shops and classes; upcoming and past events, and interviews with some inspirational yarn crafters. Let me know if there’s anyone or anything in particular you’d love to hear more about.


Along the way I’ll start building and sharing an easily accessible resource hub so that you’ll (eventually) be able to find anything and everything you’re looking for that’s related to yarn in South Africa.


For the time being, I’ll enjoy sharing tales of my stash adventures with you ;-).


Yours in yarn



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  • Megan

    It's great to have a blog in South Africa that is all about yarn! I can't wait to see what will be featured in the future. All I can say is "yippee "

    • Yarntails

      Thanks so much Megan! I'm having a hard time deciding which yarn to start with :-O. Let me know if there's a specific fibre or yarn weight (sock, dk etc) you're keen on getting...

  • Allyson

    Best wishes and wish u all success with your vision. Allyson from Craft Academy fabrics and Fibres

    • Yarntails

      Thanks Allyson! Your shop and classes are on my list of places to share :-). I'll be in touch.

  • Dana Biddle

    What a wonderful idea for a blog! I’m looking forward to all your Yarn Tails tales xx

    • Yarntails

      Thanks Dana! Your gorgeous yarns have been part of the inspiration - thanks for sharing your passion with us xo

  • Marisa

    In the blog about shopping at the coolest yarn shops I wanna join in! Good luck with the blog , I wish you all the best of fun times!

    • Yarntails

      Thanks so much! I'll give you a shout as soon as we make plans to go somewhere awesome again.

  • Belinda Mc

    This is awesome, Brenda! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I’m so looking forward to reading all your posts, and following your adventures! 🤪

    • Yarntails

      Thanks so much Belinda! Looking forward to sharing them with you - I'm sure you'll be part of most of them.

  • Janita van Rooyen

    Awesome, I am looking for yarn that looks like rope but in bright colours in Johannesburg.

    • Yarntails

      Please would you post a pic of the kind of thing you're looking for on my Facebook page and I can try to help you find some :-)

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