The “Love Knitting” App – paperless pattern notation and so much more…

Hello to all you lovely yarnies. I had an unfortunate little mishap on Saturday night that resulted in a minor neck injury. It has limited the time I can spend on my laptop for the next week. This has meant a delay in adding new pages for shops, yarn designers, classes, etc. And I’m postponing my planned posts for today and Friday. I really want to do those posts justice, which means spending more time on them than I’m currently allowed in front of the computer. Instead, I thought I’d briefly share with you an amazing app I found very recently… Love Knitting.

It’s apparently already been around for more than a year and I wish I’d known about it ages ago. About a year or two ago, our knitting/crochet group were chatting about trying to find an app that could automatically download patterns from Ravelry. We were wanting to save paper, in an effort to be environmentally friendly, and not have to print out patterns. This also meant wanting to organise patterns in that app and make notes, track progress and keep a row count.

The Love Knitting app does it all! Currently it’s only available for Apple iOS, but an Android version will be coming soon. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can import all the “Ravelry Download” patterns from your Ravelry Library with just one click .

You can organise them into collections of your choice so that you can find them easily. When you select a pattern, you have the option of just opening it to read, or opening it to start a project. If you’ve started a project, you’ll be able to access it from a separate projects page.


Pattern notations in your pattern

Opening that project will take you to the pattern and any notes you’ve made on it. You can hide or open the notation menu by touching the arrow next to it. If you touch on a notation item (such as the counter) it will turn grey and appear on the page. If you want to remove it, you just touch it again and it’ll turn white to show that it’s not active.  

The notation options available are varied. There’s a marker (the large blue rectangle) to keep your place. You can move it up and down and side to side. It remains where you last left it. It’ll show you which column you’re on and which line in the pattern. Selecting the sheep brings up a cloud shaped row counter. It can be moved anywhere you want it on the page. One touch on the cloud increases the row count, and it can be reduced or reset. The notes option allows you to make any notes you wish (I like putting my modifications in there). You can add as many notes as you want and you can place and move them anywhere on the page.

When you don’t need your notes box open, it closes to a small orange icon. The highlighter has 3 available colours. Grey gives you the option to “strike-through” and the yellow and red/orange are highlighters through which the text can still be seen. The eraser removes any highlighter notations that you want to change or erase.


You can also access all photos from the Ravelry pattern page by clicking on the photos tab at the top. You can add your own photos, too.

In the app, you’re able to browse some of Love Knitting’s free crochet and knitting patterns. There are MANY more free and paid patterns on the Love Knitting website. You log in with the same information that you used to sign up on the app. Any patterns that you add to your profile will be automatically uploaded to the app. Super simple and super easy.

It’s been a godsend to me and I hope it’s something that could make your life a bit easier, too.

Until Friday, happy yarn-crafting and keep warm.

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  • Marisa

    This looks awesome! I've been using the iBook reader on my phone for referencing patterns I'm knitting, but the functionality on this looks amazing. Off to download it.

    • Yarntails

      I hope it works as well for you as it has for me. Let me know? ☺️

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