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Another trip in my “Yarn Tardis”

…aaaand it’s November, people! Yikes! Time stands still for no man, or even woman, apparently. If only! I have TWO FO’s and some personal triumphs on my “brag wall”. And I’ve particularly been looking forward to sharing with you the absolutely BEST thing my girls did in that October break (possibly ever!). A Kids Crochet Workshop at The Yarn Tree. It now seems so very far in the distant past, that we need to take another trip back in my “Yarn Tardis” (yes, I love Dr Who!)… 

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Yarn-craft Classes & Workshops in SA – end Sep & Oct

Hi hi dear Yarn-lovers, and welcome to the last week of September (already)! I can hardly believe it. As much as I’d love to share with you the awesome retreat I was on this weekend, I’ll leave that for another day**. I feel a sense of urgency to share the yarn-related classes & workshops that are being offered across SA until the end of October. Urgent because there are so many in just the few days left of September, and today is already the 26th.

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