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Hi yarn-lovers. I thought I’d share with you a few of the plans I have for some of the yarns in my stash. I’m just dying to get started on these projects. I’m so desperate to get my hands on them that I’ve taken a break from binding off a sweater – Stella My Size. Yes, that’s all that’s left to be done – cast it off!

Instead, I’m using the excuse of telling you about my plans just so that I can touch these skeins and cakes of exquisiteness. They remind me of my reward when I’ve bound off a WIP (work in progress, in case you’re not familiar with the lingo). I’ve made a commitment to only start a new project when I finish another. And in-between I dream of what’s in my stash and of their potential to become something gorgeous… 

Some yarns have been calling to me more than others. They were the ones with the loudest voices. They just shouted at me when I went through my stash deciding what to make. In other cases, it’s an item that I’m dying to make for someone else or just have, myself, and I’ve sourced yarn or selected from my stash to make it with. Some have a deadline. Eeek! So I have them on a “have to do first” list and some others on a “desire the most” list that I’ll share with you. There is also a general “want to do in future” list, but that’ll just make this post as endless as my Stash.


The “have to do first” projects:

I’m doing another 4 day weaving workshop  with Glynis Brooke from 17 to 20 August. It will be at the Crafter’s Retreat Lodge in Hekpoort. I’ll be doing a wide wrap, experimenting with a variety of textures and weights.

I don’t like using indie yarns or anything I’m particularly precious about for learning or experimenting. So I’ll use African Expressions Soul for the warp. Thank you Arthur Bales for having African Expressions on sale. For the weft I’ll use some Karoo Moon Moonlite and Karoo Moon Handspun. I got these specifically with this weaving project in mind. I bought them at the Karoo Moon pop-up shop at The Factory on Grant earlier this year, and I think they’ll be perfect for this project. I’ll combine them with bright African Expressions Love. I’m also going to add in some pops of vibrancy with a few strategically placed ColourSpun locks of Kid-mohair. I wish I could have included them in this pic but I still need to get them from Dana at her Bryanston Organic Market shop. No prize for guessing where I’ll be on Woman’s Day Thursday! I just know they’ll be the perfect touch…

As soon as that’s off the loom (hopefully by the end of that weekend), the next one will be a scarf for Christo. He fell in love with one I showed him on Ravelry, Turkish Delight (the picture links to the project page). A Scheepjes Whirl is used for the warp and a single-colour silk yarn of similar weight for the weft. Thanks so much to Olga/Lipison25 for being such an inspiration – such a talented lady! Christo chose the Brambleberry colourway from The Yarn Tree for his scarf. Now I just need to find a fingering weight yarn made of cotton, bamboo, silk or a combination of pant fibres in navy blue for the weft. Please give me a shout if can think of anything that would fit the spec.


Meghan, my youngest, turns eleven at the end of November. I plan to make her a fox-hoody for her birthday, using something like the Easy Hoodie #141 as a foundation pattern. The yarn I have for this is Elle Marco which I got from Wol en Naalde. I think it might be discontinued but Wol en Naalde has in stock. It’s an extremely soft blend of 32% cotton, 11% tweed, 10% wool and 47% artificial fibre (acrylic and nylon). Even though it has only 53% natural fibre, it just resonated with my idea of making Megs look and feel like a fox. The Burnt Orange is for the bulk of it and the charcoal will be for the cuffs, ribbing and the inside trim of the ears. I know she’ll just love it…


My “desire the most” yarns and patterns:

These beauties are destined to become a Suburban Wrap. The super soft Btrix Yarns Inspired by Alpaca in Platinum I got at Stitches Yarn & Thread Emporium. I bought the lusciously silky Hartlam Darling Sock in Mint and the gorgeous variegated One of a Kind Yarns, MSin single spun Superwash Merino from their webshops. A delight to see and to touch! My needles are itching for it, as soon as I get that sweater and maybe the sock done…

Marian, a friend with whom I love to knit, made Nina’s Shawl using African Expressions Hope and Handpainted Soul. It is absolutely gorgeous in the flesh and she has inspired me to do one too. I’ll also use a skein of African Expressions Handpainted Soul (also from Stitches) but I’ll replace the Hope with One of a Kind Yarns, Mizzle

These are One of a Kind Yarns, Solasta, which I got from the webshop. I think they’re the same yarn base as African Expressions Soul. But how divinely have they they been dyed!? Once I’ve finished the mammoth that is Read Between the Lines (2000m of yarn!!), I’ll cast on Find Your Fade in these babies…  

If you have a minute to share, I’d love to know what’s on your project or yarn wishlist.  

Have a fabulous yarn-filled weekend!


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  • Gen

    Im loving your yarn tales! So inspiring! Thanks for the special mentions :)

    • Yarntails

      Thanks Gen ❤️! You're welcome 😉

  • Megan Caldwell

    Thank you for sharing your project ideas and for including links to the patterns, I really enjoy following them and getting an idea of what you're planning to make, and with which yarn. I love your ideas and the yarns that you are going to use inspire me to try find something that I would like to make for myself with indie yarns. I just haven't found the right pattern yet.

    • Yarntails

      Thanks Megan ❤️! You're welcome to browse my Ravelry Favourites if it'll help. I need to go and do a purge, though. The list is loooooong 🤪

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