Celebrate! A New Indie Yarn!!

Happy Tuesday to you, Yarn Lover 🌷. I’ve been super busy since the beginning of October. I’m sure you have, too. It’s that crazy time of year, isn’t it? But everything can be managed with a great cup of coffee. Today, I had planned on posting everything yarn-related that we’ve been up to for the past few weeks. But I could not contain my excitement about a new indie yarn! I just had to share it with you.

I joined a big group of yarn-crafting “sisters” on Saturday morning in Centurion, at Yarn at ZelLé‘s Sip-and-Stitch-Social. Although it’s not my local yarn shop (quite a drive from Northcliff in Johannesburg), it is a shop I absolutely love going to. Whether it’s to quickly pop in for something specific or to sit and “kuier”. I find Yarn at ZelLé an absolutely charming little shop. I’m someone that feels easily visually-overwhelmed – any sale makes me run for the hills! Arthur Bales sales excluded, of course 😄. So, I am very grateful to Surene for her shop’s super-organised layout and that it isn’t a visual overload. She has the perfect selection of gorgeous yarns in a variety of bases, weights and textures, as well as implements, bags and really cute notions – something for everyone! 

I must say that I love every yarn shop I visit, and on-line shop I buy from. I, unashamedly, have only positive things to say about all of them. There’s a passionate human being behind each small business. They all pour their heart, soul, time, effort, finances and an immense amount of love into what they do and how they do it. So, to me, regardless of the size of the shop or its range of yarns and extras, each one has a unique personality, charm and atmosphere. And their passionate owners add that something special that makes their shop different to any other.

Welcome, Boho Yarns!

Back to Saturday and the new indie yarn… I took my big “Kamers” bag (filled with a few WIP project bags) to the Yarn at ZelLé social. Heavens forbid that I have only one WIP to work on! The first thing I saw as I walked in was the launch of the new indie yarn, Boho Yarns, created by Linda Grobler. Like a bee drawn to a flower! The last thing on my mind was putting that big, heavy bag down… 

Many had already been sold. The handspun, especially, surpassed spectacular! Juanita, you need to keep your address top-secret and lock your doors – we’re coming for those handspun skeins! It was an incredibly difficult choice. Yes, “nothing at all” is also an option, but they were so divine. The pics really don’t tell the full story. I chose two skeins of lace weight in shades from blue to teal and purple to magenta…

This morning I popped over to the Boho Yarns Facebook page and was thrilled to see a pic of these in the middle of their handpainting process. I’ve also been eyeing Linda’s beautiful hand-made fibre-craft wood products, LJ Craft Creations. In particular, I’m keen on one of her Swirlettes. I must remember to try it out and give it a spin (ha ha) the next time I’m at Yarn at ZelLé.

Handpainted ❤️

Hooks, swifts, swirlettes & more (photo from Yarn at ZelLé)

Having chosen my lovelies, I could finally put my bag down. I got the last chair, the table was full, and I felt a bit overwhelmed by the big group of people. But I got to sit, chat, knit, laugh (a lot) and eat something delicious (fridge tart like only South Africans can make). Thank you to all you wonderful “dierbare” ladies for the “kuier”. I hope I see you all again soon!

I truly hope that LJ Craft Creations and Boho Yarns and Accessories grow from strength to strength. Thank you for sharing your talents with us, Linda! It was wonderful being at the launch of your beautiful yarns, and sharing coffee with you and all the other excited yarn-crafters. 

The best kept secret – our “Office”

Talking about coffee… We have a one-touch bean-to-mug Siemens coffee machine at home (quite nearly the love of my life). It’s almost an antique, about 10 years old, and has brewed well past 15 000 cups. Recently, it had to go in for repairs. Our lives very nearly fell apart without it. And it felt like the most interminable wait to get it back. I do believe that, without it, we’d have bankrupted ourselves, having to go to “The Office” for decent coffee every day. Which is where I sat writing this post this morning.

My Bread and Butter in Parktown is where Christo and I have our meetings. It has become our home away from home, or rather, our office away from the home-office – hence we fondly refer to it as “The Office”. They have great coffee (we’re fussy!) and food. The service is superb and we love the owner, Monica, who makes it a point of catching up with every patron every morning.

It’s also Christo’s preferred location for client meetings. His clients, once they’ve met him there, have fallen in love with it too. It has such a super atmosphere and I don’t think my pics do it justice. But hopefully the photos give you a smidgeon of the vibe that has us (and everyone else, it seems) going there frequently to work, meet and chat. I’m sure their own website gallery does a better job of that.

It’s a bit of a joke in the Yarmies group, who know where “the office” is when I mention it. If it were up to me, we’d have all our Yarmies meet-ups there 😁. The most fabulous light in the large front room and a divine fireplace in the smaller cozy back room (my favourite space) in winter. Not much more one can ask for!

May you have a wonderful week and I hope you get to spend as much time as possible in your favourite space.


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