An Epic Case of Procrastinating

Happy December everyone!! It’s good to be back! More than a year has passed and I have been agonising over this website and blog for many many months. An epic case of procrastinating!I’ve not even ventured into it because of my own disappointment in my apathy. Along with that goes my self-judgement and agonising over neglecting all you yarn- and fibre-craft-lovers and hopelessly letting you down.

But I have finally taken the leap, ripped my head out of the sand and updated the Yarns and Fibre Artists. Welcome to my page Annelie Unraveled, Be Inspired, Big Fox Yarn (available from Jaarn), Colour Me Crazy (available from Charming Wool), Jo (available from Little Yarn Croft), Lily Rose Dyeworks (available from Natural Yarns), Rose’s Yarn Garden (available from Little Yarn Croft), Threads for Africa and Yellow Cottage Yarn.

After being frozen in time and woefully announcing nothing new for so many many months, I also removed the events, workshops and gatherings pages. I’m still mulling over what to do with them. I’m considering revamping the workshops page or perhaps changing it to something completely different. But life has been, and still is, quite full so I have set no date as goal for doing it. Am I procrastinating? Again? I’m even procrastinating with publishing this post to my blog page, sigh.

So what, you may wonder, has been happening?

2020, which was one looooong day in my mind, was mostly devoted to getting my HFA daughter through matric. We had some massive business related stresses from the start of the first Covid lockdown, and towards the end of the year had to do some major damage control. Our 2021 did not start off well but business started slowly trickling in. In February I started working a few hours a day at our vet – a job I’ve loved. We had to move in April and many months later we are still adjusting. My younger daughter was in grade 7 this year, so our focus was on getting her through a difficult last year of primary school, before we again spend a year focusing on her first year of high school. My elder daughter took a gap year to transition from being at school. Change is difficult for HFA people. She will hopefully be studying next year, so there’ll be some big changes for her to navigate, which we’ll have to help her with too.

This parenting thing is not for sissies, hey. Either that, or I’m just doing it wrong. I got cr*pped out by my Mammogram doctor last week for being so focused on my children and not looking after myself or making my needs a priority. It’s amazing how some of us women can guilt ourselves into sidelining our own needs, whether we have kids or not. What’s with that?? To be honest, my needs weren’t entirely ignored. I was at every Yarmies get together just to maintain my sanity. I also went to Crochet for Cansa, which was! Even better than the previous one! If you haven’t been before, and they confirm another one for next year, you have to treat yourself.

I lost my kn-ojo a bit

I finished my Black Thorn Sweater (paid pattern by our very own Lily Turner, creator of Wishbone Yarn), which I love so much and have worn a gazillion times. Even recently when chilly days hit us unexpectedly. I used Hartlam St Lucia Sock (100% Fine Superwash Merino, with a single spun construction) in Spaced Out colour way. The dark grey is, I’m pretty sure (I can’t seem to find my leftovers), Linda’s Treehouse Papagayo (high twist Merino Superwash). It was a dream to knit with. I was truly committed and faithful to this project and loved every minute of knitting it. But when it was done, my hands just couldn’t bear the thought of touching another.

Eventually, I cast on a Zick Zack scarf (free pattern by Christy Kamm) in bamboo by Bahia Art (soooo soft and the colour just pops!) and One of a Kind Yarns. I vowed to be monogamous until it was done.

But it was not a marriage that was meant to last. It became too repetitive and monotonous so I stopped knitting for quite a while, trying to remain faithful to it by not starting anything else. Yarmies friends encouraged me to cheat on it and cast on another. I started Claire – a paid pattern by Ninja Chickens which was gifted to me by Kerry, a Yarmies friend. I’m using Hartlam‘s most luscious Darling Sock (Baby Alpaca, Silk and Cashmere blend) in Mint. So my Zick Zack and I now have “an understanding” and my Claire knew what it bought into when I cast it on. I alternate between them every time I get bored.

But who knows what our Yarmies Christmas Auction will have in store! We’re all taking some yarn-crafting goodies that we’ll auction using Yarmies Moola. Perhaps I get something that grabs me by the yarn-balls and I’ll just have to feverishly trawl through Ravelry to find something to cast it on for. Watch this space…

Yarn Advent Calendar

I am so excited that I’ve received my yarn advent calendar from EsTeresa Yarn Creations. There are 12 packages for me to start opening on Tuesday 14 December (yes, that has passed and I’m only publishing this now, because I procrastinated taking photos of my FO and WIPs. And yes, the Yarmies Christmas auction has come and gone, so I’ll post something about that next time). The package contains 11 mini skeins and one 100g skein for Christmas day. Plus there’s an extra 100g mystery skein that I added to the order, to be opened on New Years day (if I can wait that long!). So 13 packages in total. 

There are also a couple of the sweetest little gifts – a pen, notebook, some gingerbread cookie men, and a full metal snipper (not sure what the actual name is). My old snipper has a plastic handle and is hopelessly blunt, so this one was an awesome surprise.

What I really love about this advent calendar is that you could choose which yarn base you wanted. I chose the Cara yarn base – a 100% Superwash Merino 4-ply sock weight yarn. I’ll take a picture of them for you when they’re all unwrapped. I generally love how they dye their yarns (just looking at them online gives me such a thrill). So I can’t wait to get started with the unwrapping. Hella exciting, peeps! (It really has been.)

That’s it from me for now. Wishing you a wonderful, blessed and yarn-filled festive season and a very happy New Year.

See you in 2022…


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